Benedict Carton

Benedict Carton

Benedict Carton

Associate Director

Associate Professor

Africa, South Africa, transnational race, imperialism, cultural and oral history

Benedict Carton received his Ph.D. in History from Yale University. He has taught at Wesleyan University, University of Washington and University of Natal (now U. KwaZulu-Natal), South Africa, where he was twice a Fulbright scholar.  Carton has spent the better part of his life in Southern Africa.  A list of his scholarly publications and public projects can be sourced here:

Dissertations Supervised

Benjamin Hurwitz, Grazing the Modern World: Merino Sheep in South Africa and the United States, 1775-1840 (2017)

Phyllis E. Slade, A Moral Imperative: The Role of American Black Churches in International Anti-Apartheid Activism (2015)