• David G. Armstrong

    David G. Armstrong

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Early America, Public History, Digital History


  • LaNitra M Berger

    LaNitra M Berger

    Associate Professor

    Art of the African Diaspora, African-American art history, South African modern art, Intersections of the African and Jewish Diasporas, lynching photography, art and social activism, African and African American Studies, social justice and international education, women artists, racial injustice and public monuments and memorials


  • Benedict Carton

    Benedict Carton

    Associate Director

    Associate Professor

    Africa, South Africa, transnational race, imperialism, cultural and oral history

  • Spencer Crew

    Spencer Crew

    Robinson Professor


  • Anne Dobberteen

    Anne Dobberteen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Social and Cultural History of Aviation & Air defense on the WWII Home Front; Visual Culture; Military History; Women’s History; History of Washington, D.C.; Public History



  • Steve A. Harris-Scott

    Steve A. Harris-Scott


    Research: Colonial Virginia, Early Modern Atlantic World, bound/unfree labor (slavery, indentured servitude, apprenticeship), environmental history and history of diseases/pandemics

  • Sheri Ann Huerta

    Sheri Ann Huerta

    Adjunct Faculty

    African American history, U.S. South; Enslavement and Freedom; World History; Legal History; Gender and Identity; Transatlantic World; History, Memory, and the Public


  • Mandy Katz

    Mandy Katz

    Communications Director

  • Cynthia A. Kierner

    Cynthia A. Kierner


    Colonial and revolutionary America; early republic; Old South; women and gender; disasters in history

  • Jayme Kurland

    Jayme Kurland

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Musical Instrument History (organology), Women and Labor History, Cultural History


  • Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Associate Director


    Race, gender, the African American experience, and the history of black women in the Atlantic World

  • Laura Moore

    Laura Moore

    Adjunct Faculty


  • George Oberle

    George Oberle

    Director, Center for Mason Legacies

    Associate Professor

    Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century American History, History of Education and Knowledge Institutions, Civil Societies, History of Science and Technology, George Mason and the Mason family, and the Old South


  • Christy L Pichichero

    Christy L Pichichero

    Associate Professor

    Early Modern, Enlightenment, Revolutionary History, Literature, Art, & Music of the French Empire; Theories, Histories, and Practices of African Diaspora; Slavery & its Afterlives; War & Culture; Critical Race & Mixed-Race Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Human Rights & Social Justice; Theater; Film; Digital Humanities; Medical History; History of Emotion; Women’s Writing & History; History of News & Information Networks; Critical Pedagogy; Inclusive Pedagogy & Curricular Design; Student/Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Wellbeing; Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention, & Mentoring; Academic and Community Activism, Academe & Politics.


  • Jennifer Ritterhouse

    Jennifer Ritterhouse


    20th century U.S.; U.S. South; African American history; women and gender; children and childhood


  • Tom Seabrook

    Tom Seabrook

    Graduate Research Assistant

    My interests include memory, technology (especially the built environment), and local history.

  • Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens

    Librarian II




  • Stefan Wheelock

    Stefan Wheelock

    Associate Professor

    late eighteenth century/early nineteenth century black antislavery writing with a particular emphasis on slave narrative autobiography, early black polemic, and their contributions to Atlantic political and intellectual currencies


  • Rosemarie Zagarri

    Rosemarie Zagarri

    Distinguished University Professor

    Early American history (colonial-1820s); Early American women; 18th-century transatlantic history and global history